Issue 12

Ultra Violent
is proud to announce the contents of our most eagerly awaited, in-depth issue to date.  This hefty, 112-page issue is now available in our online store.  It will soon be available on retail shelves as well.  Check out the fantastic, diverse list of contents below.  As always, thanks for your appreciation and support.

Exclusive Interviews:
Gabriel Carrer:  The Canadian director of If a Tree Falls and In the House of Flies discusses his career, including his exciting upcoming projects.

John DeBello:  In this rare interview, the director of the Killer Tomatoes films provides insight into the creation of some of the best-known cult movies in film history.

Tom DeSimone:  In a lengthy interview, the creator of classics including Chatterbox, Hell Night, The Concrete Jungle, and Reform School Girls sheds light on his wild career.

Mladen Djordjevic:  While A Serbian Film received more attention, this Serbian director's Life and Death of a Porno Gang similarly shocked audiences worldwide, which he discusses along with his other endeavors in this fascinating piece.

William Grefé:  UV is honored to present a hefty interview with one of exploitation cinema's greatest icons, the director of  numerous gems including Stanley, Death Curse of Tartu, and Mako: The Jaws of Death.

Frank Henenlotter:  In one of our longest interviews ever, the mastermind behind classics including the Basket Case films, Frankenhooker, and Brain Damage discusses his entire career, including his highly anticipated upcoming projects.


Dear God No!:  James Bickert elated fans of drive-in films with his 16mm epic Dear God No!, which he discusses along with his other work in this article.

  UV's Kate Hutchinson praises the ultimate Christmas horror film, in this hilarious and brilliant article that includes some of Hutchinson's original artwork.

Extensive Reviews:  UV's writers present a diverse collection of reviews of DVDs, VHS tapes, and books from around the world.

The Soska Sisters:
 The talented and outspoken Soska Sisters, whose debut films Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary took the genre world by storm, discuss their career to date, as well as their future plans.
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